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The typewriter keys used for this jewelry date back to the early 1900’s. Most of the metal rims on the keys were nickel, with the letters printed on paper and a celluloid or glass disc under the rim to protect the paper. Some keys have letters printed on paper with an ultra-thin layer of protective celluloid and the metal rim pressed onto the paper. Some keys were made of molded Bakelite with the impressions printed directly onto the keys.

The keys you will see on the jewelry here are as they were found on the original typewriter (cleaned up of course). Occasionally you might see a picture or unconventionally scripted letter inside a key. In these cases I have taken the key apart and replaced the typewriter key symbol with a picture or letter cut from an actual Victorian Era postcard. A picture from a postcard might be chosen to reflect the theme of the bracelet if the bracelet has a word on it, or individual letters from the postcard might be used to spell words. This mix is a truly unique and interesting piece of history.

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